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Winter is upon us.

The leaves have fallen, there's snow on the ground (here in Montreal), and don't get me wrong, the scoop, pocket, and HiLo are perfect for under a jacket or a hoodie (which we now have by the way), but we needed a little more ammo. This is why we are proud to share with you 3 new pieces Joe, Frank and Hersh.


Joe is our new long-sleeve. It's made up of an amazing blend of polyester/viscose/spandex. We always take a ton of time combing through fabrics to make sure we pick the perfect one to sit on the big man's body. That is the first priority when we choose fabric. It features our signature scoop cut and it comes in grey and an incredible, dark blue. I really can't hype up the material enough, its the kind of thing that you won't believe until you see and feel.


Our new short-sleeve addition for the winter. Its made up of a very similar fabric to JOE, however where JOE is more of a ribbed feel, FRANK is more of a waffle feel. On FRANK, we decided to give you the same cut as our Pocket w/a Pinch t-shirt. It's similar to a scoop but not as drastic. This t-shirt is perfect in the winter because it keeps you warm, but its a short-sleeve, so we get that extra oxygen ;)


If you haven't seen our new hoodie yet, then you must've just heard of us. Its plain and simple, a hoodie is always a key component to the big man's wardrobe. It's versatile and comfortable and is now perfected for us! It features our HiLo cut and an amazing speckled, black polyester/viscose/cotton blend, that you are going to love.


Whether you have just stumbled upon us, or following ONE BONE since day 1, we hope you like what you see (and buy), and we have been so energized by everyone's reaction to the brand. It motivates us to continue to grow with you, and hopefully make everyone feel comfortable and confident. That's our mission. If you don't already, follow us on instagram and don't be shy to message and ask any questions. We're always here to help!


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