Our Story

A Cut.

The main issues with t-shirts were sleeves, belly, and length. If a t-shirt is long enough, the sleeves are crazy long and wide, making us look heavier. If the sleeves fit properly, our belly can’t fit, etc. It was always a game of Goldilox and the three bears. Our cut features:
  • shorter, tighter sleeves (we know... tighter? Not a word we're used to right? Trust us when we say, this is the defining thing that will make us look thinner and stronger in a ONE BONE t-shirt)
  • more space in the stomach area
  • more length to hide our gut and a$$ crack

    A Cloth.

    ONE BONE has been a labor of love. We carefully skimmed through many different materials to perfect the most commonly worn item, a t-shirt. Our garments are made up of a thick, but breathable material. You won't feel that constant need to stretch out your t-shirt because it won't cling to you. Our basics are made up of
    • 95% Cotton
    • 5% Spandex
    It is thick enough to not accentuate all our curves, but thin enough to breath.
    We are always introducing new materials as we continue to grow through the seasons.

    A Name.

    ONE BONE is our brand for many reasons. 
    • The Big Man is finally thought of first, so we knew we wanted to incorporate"ONE"
    • "BONE" was the strongest, organic thing we can think of. It spoke on the human approach of helping a community who has been left out for so long. We wanted to throw our fellow big men a bone.
    • If you breakdown the brand name differently, it could read"One B One". We are all individuals, growing up as a big kid, you have 2 directions you can take. You can be proud of your size, and wear it with honor, or the others will pick on you for being the biggest. We decided to stand as individuals, use our size to our advantage, and and be our own person. This is what we try to encourage people to do on a daily basis. Be proud of who you are, because we are all unique, and that's what makes us special.
    • The Biggest Brand... We want everyone to feel proud to identify with ONE BONE. We want everyone to feel proud in being "The Biggest". It's our definition whether we like it or not, and we want to f**kin love it!

    An Idea.

    The idea for ONE BONE was to solve a problem. The problem was that, being bigger, it was impossible to find clothing that fit and was trendy.

    A Solution.

    It started by going to a fabric store, drawing out ideas, and producing t-shirts in the basement, that fit and were trendy.

    A Discovery.

    Since wearing these custom t-shirts, the common question became “where do I get one?” This sparked the realization that more people would be interested in this solution.

    A Brand.

    So we went to work. We wanted to make sure we weren't presenting as other brands who were servicing the Big & Tall market. Our goal was to be a sophisticated streetwear brand that could be played up or down, depending on how you want to wear ONE BONE. 

        A Community.

        The thing that we are most excited about with ONE BONE is finding other guys who have been struggling with the same issues. With social media, and the ease of communicating with people around the world, we’re so pumped to feel a part of a community who is looking out for one another, and proud together of the way we look.

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