Tis the season for love... All kinds of love. Valentine's Day is upon us and its all about flowers, chocolate, and LOVE! People sometimes misconstrue that. It becomes a holiday of loneliness for people who don't have a significant other. FALSE!

In 2019, its all about being confident and comfortable in your own skin. Loving yourself and how you look. So on VDAY this year, whether you have a significant other, you go to the grocery store, you march in there, you grab some flowers, a whole ton of chocolate kisses, and you write yourself a card. Say "I love you" to you! 

*total side note: if you have someone special in your life, totally don't neglect them. Get them chocolate too, they deserve it! 😂

If you're reading this, of course we say, on top of the chocolate, treat yourself to something that will make you feel great too, with a little ONE BONE tee (Shameless Plug😂)

A huge thank you to Blair Ruby and her Valentine, Jacob Ruby from the Edmonton Eskimos for taking these awesome pictures for VDAY! In the picture below, Jacob is featured in a size 2 Petrol Blue Joe (may we say, he's looking great!)

If you have an idea for some pics or whatever that you would like to do with ONE BONE, send us a DM on instagram. We love getting creative with our community.

Also, not likely in 2019, but if you kept reading till the end, check out our most recent instagram or facebook post featuring this picture and tag 2 friends for a chance to win a FREE ONE BONE t-shirt!

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