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Hoodie Winner Announcement and More!

Hoodie Winner Announcement and More!


First and foremost, we want to thank you for joining in on the fun for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. We had a lot of fun designing the concept for the weekend. Obviously, we wanted to hook you up with some awesome ONE BONE, but we also wanted to do something out of the box. This is why we decided to announce ONE of our new products coming to the ONE BONE family. 


Since launching nearly 5 months ago, the reaction to ONE BONE from the Big and Tall and Plus Size community has been outstanding. We are so happy to be filling a gap in the market and so excited to continue to grow with you. We knew since launch that once we perfected the t-shirt, the next piece we wanted to achieve greatness with was a hoodie. 


As a big man, a hoodie is a go-to for me. Its comfortable, its warm (but hopefully not too warm), and I want it to be flattering on me. What I have often experienced with hoodies are different struggles than a t-shirt, but struggles nonetheless. I have bought hoodies that are too short, too long, bunch up at the bottom, aren't stretchy enough, sleeves are way too baggy, and with all of those issues, it doesn't do anything good for my body. 


We took the foundation of our ONE BONE t-shirts and tweaked it to make the perfect hoodie. It starts with the material, which is a blend of polyester, viscose, and cotton. Making it so soft and comfortable, with a great amount of stretch, but maintaining its shape.


If you took part in our BFCM sale, then your name was entered to win our new hoodie! We want to wish a huge congratulations to Rana Singh Bassi, your hoodie is on its way and you will have it before anyone else. 


Having said that, today we are launching the hoodie, so you can buy yours now. Not only that, but we are also launching 2 new t-shirts. A long sleeve, and short sleeve. The materials we are using for these new t-shirts, are perfect for the colder season. Our short-sleeve is called the FRANK, and our long-sleeve is called the JOE. You can shop for them now, by clicking their names, or go to our SHOP to see our whole collection. 

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