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Big Man Life Hacks, 40 degree weather and more | Lord William Pub | The Biggest Podcast 002

Big Man Life Hacks, 40 degree weather and more | Lord William Pub | The Biggest Podcast 002

The Biggest Podcast Episode 002

The Biggest Podcast debuted last month and was a huge hit. It's an opportunity for me, Adam (creator of ONE BONE) to sit down and talk to people about their relationship with being Big and Tall or relating to the community. We all have similar struggles while weaving into successes in our career. You may like it or not, being big is part of our everyday fabric, so we might as well own it, and be The Biggest ;)

Joe Pillotte / Lord William Pub

Big Joe is our second guest on The Biggest Podcast. He is owner and operator of Lord William Pub in Montreal, and is ultimately the biggest sweetheart of a guy (no pun intended). We had no idea who one another were, but we bumped into each other in a bar, and we spoke the "big man language". Mutual respect. Ever since, we didn't really keep in touch until he saw me post on social media that I was launching a Big and Tall clothing line. He got in touch and it was history ever since. 

What We're Wearing

Joe is 6"1 and is wearing a black, size 2 scoop. He explains in the podcast that ONE BONE is everything that he was looking for in a t-shirt. I'm 6"3, 280lbs and I'm wearing a size 1, tan scoop. This is a pretty good guide to help you figure out your sizing (and if you have any other questions about sizing, message on instagram).

  • XL/2XL order size 1
  • 2XL/3XL order size 2 
  • 3XL/4XL order size 3
  • 4XL/5XL order size 4
  • 5XL/6XL order size 5

What's Your Story?

We want to hear from as many people in the Big and Tall community as possible, we want to know your story. Send us a message on instagram (@onebonebrand) and let's start the conversation. 

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