The First Proposal Featuring ONE BONE and Pride Week in Montreal

The First Proposal Featuring ONE BONE and Pride Week in Montreal

Pride Week

I wanted to take a moment and talk about the LGBT Community. After about a month and a half of launching ONE BONE, there has been an extraordinarily great reaction from the Big and Tall community. A lot of whom are as well huge ambassadors for the LGBT community. This to me makes a lot of sense. Whenever we are standing up for something, as long as we aren't extremists, all we want is to feel included. Now, being a part of the big and tall community, and by extension (I literally feel like a cousin of the LGBT community), it's so awesome to see great initiatives like Pride Week in Montreal, and people not being ashamed (or more importantly) shamed for who they really are. There are a ton of cool activities going on throughout the week in Montreal including the Pride parade, and you can follow all the action on their instagram fiertemontreal (which is pridemontreal in French).

The First Proposal in ONE BONE

Obviously I follow the big and tall community closely, especially if you tag us on instagram. This popped up in my news feed the other day. Blake, a customer of ONE BONE online, who has bought and re-ordered because he loved the fit and the way he looked in ONE BONE so much, was PROPOSED TO in ONE BONE!!! I was freaking out when I saw this, super excited. First and foremost, I just love love, so I was really pumped for him and his now fiancé. Second, the fact that he was wearing ONE BONE, filled my belly with pride. He looked absolutely amazing in the scoop t-shirt that fits him properly, and makes him look great. The extra length gives him a taller look and the scoop cut adding definition to make us look less like a big box. 

Building a Community

The main reason I was so excited to start ONE BONE, was because I love community. The idea of getting together as a group, who can all relate with one another means the world to me. We are all different, yet the same, we are human beings. The more we can come together and join hands in any way shape or form, is the best case scenario. If you are ever in a pic wearing ONE BONE, please tag us, or send the pic to us, we love sharing our excitement with our community. Have an amazing day!

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