We're so privileged to be a part of this growing community. Along our journey of ONE BONE, it intertwines with so many amazing people. Today, our journey hits a new milestone. We're proud to introduce our collaborative zip-up jacket with the one and only, Wade Cota. He reached out to us nearly a year ago, saying that he loved our clothes, and our brand, and that he's entering to participate in American Idol. After hearing his voice, we were pretty confident he'd make it quite far. Our relationship continued, as he progressed through the show, and he became one of the finalists, all while rocking ONE BONE. 

Since that time, we'd gone back and forth on a few ideas, after eventually landing on this unbelievable fabric. It's a black on black, textured material, and depending on how the light hits it, there's even a bit of a shine in there. This zip-up would be the perfect piece to collaborate with Wade on, because it was simple, understated, and shone brightly.

You can get it now here, and make sure to act quick as it is a very limited, exclusive run that once is sold out, won't return.

Take a listen to his amazing voice and live ability, and make sure to download his new single WAKE UP, as well he has an album coming in a few months!

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