SAVE At Your Super Bowl Party!

SAVE At Your Super Bowl Party!


You could SAVE a ton just by wearing ONE BONE to your Super Bowl Party.

  • GET 10% OFF by wearing ONE BONE to your Super Bowl Party and post a pic on instagram and tag @onebonebrand
  • SAVE MORE by taking part in the POINTS PARTY! Get your friends and family in the picture and have them point at your ONE BONE shirt. The MORE POINTS, the MORE YOU SAVE!
  • Each person = 1% OFF extra (max 20 people for additional 20% OFF)
  • You will be DM'd a code on Monday after Super Bowl for your next order!

*Don't have ONE BONE yet, you could play too. Tag us in an instagram story and say "I wish I was wearing @ONEBONEBRAND", and get 15% off your first order!


Being that we're from Montreal, Canada, so is Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (76, Offensive Lineman on KC), he also is the first NFL player to have graduated Med School while playing football. He is an incredible talent on and off the field, and an outstanding guy! We hope for an amazing game, but with so many Chiefs rocking ONE BONE, it's hard to not be rooting for them!

Laurent wears a size 2, Travis Kelce and Blake Bell wear size 0.

Left: Andrew Wylie

Right: Martinas Rankin

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