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Serge Ibaka in ONE BONE

Serge Ibaka in ONE BONE

Serge Ibaka

6'10, 235lbs and one of the greatest players on the Toronto Raptors. He helped them defeat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals to become the first Canadian team to win an NBA Championship.

One summer day, we received an email from Raven Roberts, out of the bleu (pun intended). A stylist looking for clothing for Serge Ibaka to wear in his feature in Bleu Magazine. We are always excited when anyone is interested in our budding brand, especially for athletes that we respect and admire, especially when they have a very hard-to-fit frame, it puts ONE BONE to the test.

So we packed up a care package with hopes that he would like the fit and feel of ONE BONE. Many months went by and we didn't hear anything until a cool October day, we opened up instagram and saw we were tagged by Bleu Magazine. Not only is Ibaka rocking ONE BONE in the shoot, he's also on the cover in ONE BONE! Check out the amazing photos by Othello Banaci and read the whole interview, this guy is awesome!

He loves music. And fashion. Hands down, he is one of the most stylish guys in the league. 

When asked who his favorite designers are, he says, “It’s hard because I’m tall, but I like Valentino and Dior…But fashion is not about expensive things. It’s about keeping up with the pace, and I’ve always had a good fashion sense.” - Serge Ibaka//Bleu Magazine

Super exciting for us and could give you some great ideas of how to rock your ONE BONE t-shirts. He's 6'10, 235lbs and is wearing a size 0. Check out the full interview by clicking here.

Serge Ibaka Toronto Raptors ONE BONE

Serge Ibaka Toronto Raptors ONE BONE NYC

Words by: Ebony Allison

Interview by: Angel Quiles

Photography by: Othello Banaci

Fashion: Raven Roberts

Fashion Assistant: Franklin McKoy

Barber: Nestor Lebron

Grooming: Shannon K. Young

Videography by: Anthony Hyuga

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