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National Curves Day x ONE BONE

National Curves Day x ONE BONE

A Movement

National Curves Day is something we have been following very closely since launching ONE BONE. In 2018, where body positivity and confidence is a huge pillar in the way we should be feeling and expressing ourselves, NCD is so important.


National Curves Day also known as NCD was birthed from a personal body image struggle of ZaK (KSecret Dunbar), Creative Director and CEO of Jon Marc Collection. During the years of 2013-2015, on Wednesday's, for roughly 130 weeks she posted plus positive messages under her business social media channels dubbing  Wednesday’s ("hump-day") as Curves Day. 
The initial posts were created to encourage her to love and speak life to the woman in the mirror. She reminded herself that "She is beautiful and her curves are not a curse and the only time validation is needed is for parking!"

After unintentionally skipping a Wednesday, her inbox and DM’s were filled with women telling her how much her weekly post meant to them and they looked forward to that inspiration. Over the course of two and a half years, the following and feedback from women sharing their stories inspired her to make the movement a revolution and to petition for a National Day to celebrate the movement for the empowerment of the curvy and plus size community. This would encourage women to embrace and love who they are, stop body shaming (not just from society but to self) and walk in confidence. 

As of August 2016, National Curves Day, Incorporated is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, with the new program founded by KSecret titled Secrets For Girlz. SFG is a program for girls 13-20.

As of March 2017 National Curves Day, Inc. is COED, an all-inclusive movement celebrating both women and men where we share the table, the panel, stories, and the runway. Our first COED show was National Curves Day, Inc Honors & Fashion Gala 2017 on October 14th, 2017.

A Collaboration

The official color for NCD is red, but in 2018, with a spin with the COED, we wanted to create and breakdown more stereotypes. We found this awesome fabric that spoke volumes (and was really dope). The NCD x ONE BONE is extremely limited (due to the small amount of this fabric), so don't sleep on a really sick piece and to spread awareness for an amazing cause!


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