More Than Equality!

More Than Equality!

We don't normally use this space as a place for voicing our opinion, but since we are curling up on 2 years of ONE BONE, and our community is growing exponentially, we wanted to say something. The voice of America, and the world echoes through every compassionate and caring home. Anyone that lives their life with love as their true north is broken.

Since day 1, ONE BONE has been a place where everyone can gather and feel comfortable, confident, and most importantly safe about who they are, how they look, and not feel worried about being judged or profiled in any way shape or form. Our mission is to make sure everyone feels more than equal at all times, and as a world, we took a major step backwards with what has happened recently.

It's tough to vocalize how we or anyone can feel at this moment, because its so unimaginable to think that this is still happening in 2020. Its unimaginable for us. For black people however, which is a huge part of our ONE BONE family, its the unfortunate reality. Unfortunately, the world is not on the same plain as a community like ONE BONE.

All we see is love, friendship, brotherhood, kindness, generosity, compassion, empathy, but what the world is proving it still sees is color. All we can do is say something. Anything. It's not enough, it'll never be enough until horrific acts like these stop happening, but its something. All we can do is continue to push our movement forward. Body positivy, not just shape, but color. Ultimate inclusion, for everyone who has felt included before, but more importantly for those who haven't. 

Again, its hard to put into words how you feel, or how let down you are, but someone who we've looked up to for 20+ years, in his music and his message, Killer Mike couldn't have said it better.


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