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Danny Franzese Collaboration

Danny Franzese Collaboration

Story Time. 10 months ago we started ONE BONE from scratch. It was a brand that nobody knew existed, and maybe nobody knew we needed. We set out on a mission, it was vast, but specific. We wanted to make as many people happy, comfortable and confident one t-shirt at a time.

Being Big and Tall, I followed many men on instagram who were making noise within the Body Positivity movement. This was way before starting ONE BONE. So, when we launched our brand, we had a great idea of who was on our ONE BONE bucket list of people we would love to see in ONE BONE.

Danny Franzese, was someone who we dreamed would wear ONE BONE. After about 7 months of launch, we got a DM!!! It was from Danny, saying he loved what we were doing. This for us was a great source of validation. We were working on a t-shirt with this new limited textured fabric, Danny loved it, and the rest was history.

Make sure to jump on this quick as there are very limited quantities, as we only found a small amount of this legendary fabric. 

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