Phil Bowen on AGT

It's been over a year now that the legend Phil Bowen is rockin ONE BONE. From his incredible "Fiddle Covers" on TikTok and Instagram, to the Mountain Stage on NPR, to AGT. We're incredibly proud to see Phil rockin ONE BONE on the big stage. Your outfit needs to be a source of confidence, we get so excited when ONE BONE is that choice. We're also incredibly proud to be affiliated with someone who represents family, and goal oriented values. Pursuing a dream isn't easy, especially when family is a major priority. Cheers Phil, keep chasing that dream!

stage ready with phil

model-specs: Brandon is 6-3 | 350 lbs | size 3
model-specs: Brandon is 6-3 | 350 lbs | size 3model-specs: Brandon is 6-3 | 350 lbs | size 3
Quilt Bomber Sale price$165 CAD
model-specs: Marquez 6-4 | 335 lbs | size 3
Scoop Tee White Sale price$55 CAD

+ 15 colors available

These shirts are the greatest and so comfortable. The cut and fit is just amazing. Where has this been all my life lol?!?

- Phil Bowen -

Check out Phil's new song "Old Kanawha" below: